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When Hair is Damaged

There are many people who face the problem of damaged hair and they try to do everything to solve it. New hair care products to try, various supplements to use, lots of money to spend – just to restore damaged hair. After all, it always takes so long to grow new hair.

Damaged hairBut still, the first thing to do about damaged hair is to cut off split ends. Split ends make your hair look unkempt, uncared and generally unattractive. So if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair you have to follow certain rules. Of course, it can be hard to part with your hair, but all in all you don’t have to cut too long:  2-3 cm is usually enough, as this piece of your hair is most damaged.

Then you can make use of hair care products to revitalize your hair and make it look healthier. Remember, there is no product that works wonders just in one day, so you should be patient. You should also experiment with different kinds of hair care products and find the one that suits you at best and that you will use in future. There are products, which are designed for colored, dry and damaged hair. Some products have a smoothing effect. Some are intended for naturally straight or curly hair. It’s quite a wide choice that we have nowadays.

And just one more thing. Try to keep blow dryers and chemical treatments away from your hair. Of course, it’s rather difficult and sometimes impossible to say no to heating and hairstyling tools but extensive use of bleaching can be avoided without much pain. Remember, healthy hair is the most beautiful.

10 Principles to Avoid Hair Care Problems

In order to ward off hair care problems you are advised to adhere to the following 10 principles:

1. Do not use any fake methods and keep yourself away from using spurious hair care products. Most of such products create only frustrations.

2. Try to leave the cutting demands to your hair care professional.  Do not attempt it yourself.

3. Get away from excess sun, chlorine and saline water in summer.  Unlimited exposure in the sun can create damage  on  your hair, even if you use the best hair care products.

4. You are advised not to use clarifying hair care products more than once a week. They may lessen the moisture and oil content.

5. Visit a hair care salon only on the basis of a referral from a trusted person. Selecting a salon simply because it is on the advertisements is not advisable.

6. Resist the idea of buying hair color that comes in a box.

7. Do not stick to a style that is outdated, though you feel change might be bad. As time goes on styles change, and with good reason too. Adopt a new style that keeps you in rhythm with the current trends.

8. Never use a clothes iron on your hair.  This practice went out with the 1970s. Straightening irons are widely available to properly style your hair.

9. Never brush your hair while it is wet.  Also, do not pull it.  Putting too much tension will cause the hair to break.  Wear no tight styles beyond a certain time if you do not have ethnic hair.

10. If you do not want a very short hair cut in the near future,  try to avoid lemon juice or spurious hair care products that are made to lighten hair with the sun.

Hair Masks for Summer Hair Care

In summer, the hair becomes grungy and tricky.  You have to change the hair style and the hair care products according to the change of seasons.  More care has to be devoted to hair maintenance in summer than in any other season. The accumulated sweat during summer’s hot climate demands more attention to your hair than winter.

The hair is made up of protein and keratin.  Therefore, a high protein content diet helps your hair grow nice and thick.  It will also solve many of your hair problems.  If you take timely precautions, it will safeguard the growth of hair and will make your hair smooth, silky and shining.  Proper medication according to the necessity will make your hair free from dandruff.  Applying a suitable oil to your hair is also good and it will make it grow healthier.

A hair mask has a higher concentration level of nutrients than a conditioner. The moisture content in the hair mask will give additional benefit to your bad hair.  Using it once a month is better than using the conditioner frequently.

If the hair condition is bad, you are advised to apply the hair mask.  It helps to get more shine and appearance to your hair.  There are different brands of hair masks available in the market.  You can also prepare hair masks at home with natural ingredients. By using a hair mask, your hair would become more flexible and manageable.

Ingredients like honey, egg, almond, yogurt, olive oil etc, used as hair mask, will do wonders to your hair.  Fruits are also considered to be excellent hair masks.

Taking Care of Curly Hair

Many fascinating hair styles are seen in the hair style scenario. Curly hairstyles suit short hair, whereas, distinct styles are there to enhance hair from medium length to very lengthy ones and from formal occasions to informal occasions. The curls should be managed with utmost care and expertise.  Otherwise, you may not get the overall control of it.  A totally ruined version of the style will be the result.

You have to select the right hair care products to manage the style of your curly  or wavy hair.  Four types of curly hair products are available in the market.  There is one shampoo that enhances your curls and makes it very shiny.  The second one is a conditioner that is designed to lessen frizz and to enhance hair shine. Curly enhancer is the third curly hair product.  It will tighten your natural curls and does not make it frizzy. The last one is a curl controller, which gives curly or wavy hairstyles.  This product is used only on dry hair.

Always use a comb or a pick to give a style to your curly or wavy hair.  Brushes should not be used as they will make your curly hair frizz out. Loose curls can be made by scrunching your hair.  It is dried using a large hot roller after a bath. Wrapping your hair around a pencil and then drying it with a diffuser of small hot roller will create tighter curls.  Then finish it off with the use of a convenient hairspray.

How to Choose Proper Hair Care Products

In order to take care of our bodies we add good nutritious food in the diet, so that our health will be improved.  But many of us do not give much care to keep our hair healthy and good looking.  In order to have lavish hair, we must comprehend what kind of hair we have already got.  This awareness will enable us to find the corresponding hair care product that will be ideal for our hair.

You must identify, initially, what type of hair you have. Get to know whether it is thick or thin.  Or is it curly or straight?  Sometimes it may be short and oily.  Otherwise it may be dry hair, but long.  Whatever it is, identify it first.  Then only you could begin the treatment.

There are hundreds of hair care products in the market.  It will be really a task to find out a suitable one.  Selecting an applicable product means eliminating the unwanted products which do not serve the purpose.  It also explains how far you want to take care of your hair.  If the product you buy has high alcohol content, then it will harm your dry hair. Always concentrate on buying a practical hair are product.

You may find out a serum hair care product in the medical store, which can be used to treat curly hair, or you may get a thickening shampoo to treat your thin hair.  Apart from the treatment, the product should make your hair look graceful too.  Keep this in mind when you go for a hair care product.