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Prevent Hair Loss with Scalp Cooling

Scalp Cooling vs. Hair LossAs you know, cancer patients that under chemotherapy usually lose their hair. It happens because chemotherapy drugs reach hair follicles during the treatment and cause damage to them.

Once of the effective methods to prevent it is the so called scalp cooling. In practice, you put on a special chilled cap that helps scalp blood vessels shrink so they let a less amount of bloodstream through.

As a result, your hair follicles receive less oxygen, less nutrients but at the same time less chemotherapy drugs, and that is the key point here.

Thus, scalp cooling can minimize the damage that can be caused to your hair by drugs and prevent or significantly reduce hair loss. All you need is just to put on the cooling cap for about half and hour before you take in the drugs and in some cases for some time after the treatment, because you scalp should be cooled as long as the drugs stop circulating in your vessels.

For different people this method works differently, but the majority of cancer patients report significant reduce of hair loss with scalp cooling.

Hair Care for Men

Hair care for men did not have a considerable share in the beauty industry till recently.  Now that the male sect has whole heartedly accepted its importance, men’s grooming centers are fast developing throughout the world.  But the availability of men’s hair care products is limited in the market.  It is because people still nourish the thought that men do not care much about their hair.

But there is hope.  Real men have already started realizing that grooming makes them more attractive to offer a challenge to females.  Metrosexuals can be considered as fine examples to this change. Men now are conscious about getting care for their appearance, including their hair.

The main part of male grooming is the face.  Hundreds of hair styles are available for men now.  Men insist on having the hair styles of their favorite celebrities.  Earlier, men used to apply gel on their hair to get the required style.  But these men are not bothered about the type of hair gel or pomade being used.  So many problematic situations originate here.  The need to men’s natural hair care, hair loss prevention tips, bald head care etc. are unanswered still.

Though the resources are limited, many ventures are in full swing heralding the fulfillment of needs of hair care for men.  Of course men deserve it.  Online resources have a big say on this because men shun going to their friends for hair tips.   They want to learn discreetly.  The importance of online resources lay here.  It will make them get proper advice to get access to products according to their requirements easily.

Some are Hairy, Some are Bald…

Some are hairy, some are bald;
Some are scary, some are old.

A funny rhyme is a good thing to start speaking about rather serious things. This time it’s going to be hair growth cycle and its stages.

So why in the world do we have to take care of our hair? To go to hairdressers every month or so, to think of stunning hair styles on special occasions, to wash, comb and brush our hair? To smell and touch (if not to chew) it? And why do we pity the bald ones after all? Because it grows… and falls out. Yeap, it grows and falls out all the time. That’s what keeps the whole process going.

The common rate of hair growth is about a half of inch a month. All in all, there is about  a hundred thousand hairs growing on the average head. Hair grows from the dermal papilla (the bottom of the hair root), which produces new cells for hair growth. These cells are initially soft, but they are hardened as they come out to the scalp’s surface. Each hair usually has a life cycle of one to seven years. Why so? Because each hair follicle sooner or late enters a period of rest. And what actually happens at the moment is that the hair simply falls out forever. Yet to be replaced and regrown by another one, which is going to go through the same cycle of 1 to 7 years of growth.

In scientific terms, the growing stage of the hair is called anagen. The transitional stage when the hair follicle starts going to rest is called catagen (usually up to 2 weeks). The resting stage is called telogen (about 3 months). This is when we lose our hair. As a matter of fact, there is a constant daily loss of 50–100 hairs. Fortunately, not all follicles are in the telogen stage at the same time. Otherwise…

None are hairy, all are bald!